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Snap cleaning services limited

Welcome to Snap Cleaning. This service allows you to book trusted expert cleaners at a moment’s notice. Our Company offers home cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, and end-of-tenancy cleaning services.  

By using the service, you acknowledge that  

  1. You have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the SNAP Cleaning Terms of Service, which is subjected to update from time to time pending careful analysis and review.  
  1. This terms of service is strictly between this Company and the Customer and does not in any way constitute or imply any relationship with any other parties. 
  1. You agree that by browsing, clicking in, or accessing the site or by contacting us using our phone listed on the website or contacting us to use our service by looking at our advertisement, you have read these Terms and agree to be bound by them. 

Your access to and use of this service is expressly conditioned on your agreement to and compliance with these Terms. If, at any point, the provision of these terms is evaluated to be ineffectual or unenforceable for any reason, such term(s) shall be severed and shall not affect the remainder of these terms. 

Compliance with these terms expresses the understanding between us (business and client) and that there have been no representations made by us (business) or on behalf of us that have been relied upon by you that are not contained in these terms. Please examine this agreement carefully and make sure you understand it. If you do not agree with our terms of service or do not accept any part of it, then you may not use our services. 

Regular cleaning services in Auckland

Arrival Time: Our Cleaning services operate between 9 AM- 6 PM on any scheduled day. Given that each home that we clean varies in the amount of time it takes to clean, there is no guarantee of an exact arrival/departure time. If you have requested a time slot, we will bid to be available within that time slot. If we are fully booked, an email would be sent to you with details of our next available booking.

Service area: We offer our services within a 15KM radius of Auckland CBD. If the clients’ residence is outside the 15KM radius, then we may serve the client for a call-out fee depending on the distance. Please check the Snap Cleaning website for more details.

Parking: Parking is the clients’ responsibility. Where parking is not available, the costs incurred by parking will be paid by the client.

Home Access: Prior arrangements of how to access the client’s home would be discussed before our first service. Clients generally provide a copy of their house key(s) for the Company, which alleviates the need for the client to remember to leave out a hide-a-key or having to wait around to let us in each visit. Clients keys are labelled with a secure company code to prevent private information from falling into the wrong hands. Clients can be assured of safety as all of our Tech employees have had thorough criminal background checks before being hired into the Company. Keys will be returned if there is a cancellation of service.

Cleaning preparations: SNAP Cleaning apprises the client to not clean before we arrive, but do pick up as much as possible in areas you would like us to clean. This will allow us to focus more on detail and quality for you.

Pets: We at Snap Cleaning Limited are animal lovers, but we admonish clients to secure their pets either outside the house or any preferable location of their choosing. This is to avoid hindrances when we work. Also, we do not clean up after sick pets or pet accidents.

SNAP Happiness Guarantee - Complaints

A client will be covered under the SNAP Happiness Guarantee for a Professional Cleaning Service, subject to the below, provided:

  • The Professional Service is paid for in full through our Platform with no outstanding balances owed to SNAP Cleaning.
  • The Client has not violated this Agreement;
  • The Client has reported the issue within 24 hours of completion of the service.
  • The Client has accounted for and secured all valuables prior to the start of a cleaning Service 

We required client to check our cleaning work when we about to finish. This gives us an opportunity to fix any issue on the spot. If client is not available to check the work and If the client is not satisfied after our cleaning services, he/she/they must notify SNAP Cleaning Services Limited within 24 hours of completion of the service. SNAP Cleaning will resolve the issue by offering a free second visit. If a complaint is lodged after 24 hours of completion of service, we will not take responsibility for any complaints from you, including but not limited to damage of property and/or unsatisfactory Cleaning. 

Any complaint must be reported within 24 hours of completion of service by email to us at support@snapcleaning.co.nz. Please do note that SNAP Cleaning does not take complaints about the phone. 

Free Second Visit Terms: 

  1. Free second visits will not be provided for hourly cleaning service. 
  1. The Client must remain on-site while the SNAP Cleaning team is there for the second visit. Any concerns should be raised with the cleaning team so that they can be fixed while we are there. 
  1. If the client is unable to attend the second cleaning visit and later they consider it to be an unsatisfactory service, SNAP Cleaning will not provide a refund or another free visit. After the second visit, we will charge an hourly rate of $45 per cleaner per hour plus GST. (Minimum booking of 2 hours). 

Breakage: SNAP Cleaning takes responsibility for our employees and their actions. Our policies are designed to help manage and minimize risks, but breakage is bound to happen sometimes. We will review any unresolved incident to ensure the fairest solution(s) possible. We value our clients and, as such, strive to resolve any incident(s) to your satisfaction.  

Sometimes breakage occurs when there are booby traps. Those are accidents waiting to happen. We are often handling things that aren’t normally touched i.e. pictures not hung securely, top-heavy items with unstable bases, or unsafe and tippy objects. Each incident is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We cannot take responsibility for booby traps. Please remove unstable breakables to a place we do not clean(we do not clean inside curios, china cabinets, or clear wet bar shelves). 

When breakage occurs, 

  1. We will pay up to $100 per breakage item when the value is verifiable. If the damage is valued at more than $100, a Liability Insurance Claim and Investigation will need to be opened through our insurance carrier. 
  1. In some cases, we will have the broken item repaired by a professional restoration company. Breakage values over $25 must be verified before replacement, or reimbursement will be authorized. Please save the broken item for our inspection. Breakage must be reported within 24 hours of our visit. 

What is excluded from the SNAP Happiness Guarantee? / The "SNAP Happiness Guarantee" does not cover the following:

  • Any Professional Service that is not booked and paid for directly on our Platform;
  • Merchandise;
  • losses arising out of acts of nature, including, but not limited to, pollution, earthquakes and weather-related events such as hurricanes and tornadoes;
  • losses arising out of interruption of business, loss of market, loss of income and/or loss of use;
  • losses for property damage and theft exceeding the original value and/or replacement value for such property, less any standard depreciation;
  • losses arising from the acts or omissions of a Requester or third party;
  • losses arising from the negligence or misconduct of a third party;
  • losses arising from a manufacturer’s or a product’s defects;
  • losses from pre-existing damages or conditions of the item or property;
  • losses arising from flooding and/or water damage including mold, fungi or bacteria;
  • losses arising from products containing hazardous or harmful materials, acts of terrorism, product liability, or pollution;
  • losses of cash, third party gift cards, and securities;
  • losses arising from normal wear and tear;
  • losses for fine arts, which includes but is not limited to paintings, etchings, printed photos, pictures, tapestries, rare or art glass, art glass windows, valuable rugs, statuary, sculptures, antique furniture, antique jewelry, bric-a-brac, porcelains, antique automobiles, coins, stamps, other collectibles, collections, furs, jewelry, precious stones, precious metals, and similar property of rarity, historical value;
  • losses for damage beyond the specific damaged area (e.g., should flooring sustain damage, any loss is limited to the replacement cost of the square footage that was damaged after deducting for obsolescence and physical depreciation);
  • loss of use damages, including without limitation, loss of use such as property, furniture and the costs of any storage, movement and insurance of furniture in connection with loss of use;
  • losses excluded pursuant to Section 17 of the Agreement;
  • losses based on sentimental and/or undocumented intangible value;
  • losses or damages associated with the unauthorized acquisition of, access to, destruction of, and/or loss of electronic data, including but not limited to films, records, manuscripts, drawings or photographs, data, information, audio or video recordings, files, facts, programs or other materials stored as or on, created or used on, or transmitted to or from, computer software, including systems and applications software, hard or floppy disks, CD-ROMs, tapes, drives, cells, data processing devices, cloud storage, or any other media which are used with electronically-controlled equipment;
  • losses related to repairs outside of the area where the Cleaning Services were performed;
  • losses of pets, personal liability or damage to shared or common areas;
  • losses of theft without a valid police report, if requested by SNAP; and losses with insufficient documentation; and
  • losses occurring after, or unrelated to, the performance of a Professional Service;
  • losses involving products or services, or uses of either, that are prohibited by law;
  • losses due to unforeseeable or latent defects in the premises;
  • losses related to services not explicitly booked through the our Platform; and
  • losses reported by third parties


We hope the client understands that the use of our Services may result in ‘charges’ from us and payments by you for the services you plan to receive. 

Pricing: Please use our online booking form for the estimate price or contact us to get a FREE quote.

Payment and Debt collection: Our online payment options are internet banking and credit cards. A 3% surcharge applies to credit cards. Payment must be cleared in our account on the due date as per the invoice. If we did not receive a payment within 21 days, it would be forwarded to a collection service. In the unlikely event that your account is turned over to a collections service and/or court or other legal action is necessary to collect any unpaid balance, the client will be responsible for all filing fees, attorneys fees, collection fees (usually 25% plus GST of total unpaid amount plus $10 plus GST for debt lodgement fees) and other expenses incidental to obtaining full recovery of any unpaid balance. Interest will be charged @ 2% per month to any outstanding balance after 21 days. Some legal fees are as below:

  • Dispute tribunal fees $45
  • Agreed attachment order $30
  • Attachment order $50
  • Filing a new address $50
  • Filing a financial statement $65
  • Assessment of financial means $80
  • Request for bailiff service $50
  • Financial assessment hearing $130 (creditor service) $180 (bailiff service)
  • Warrant to seize property $200
  • Charging order $250
  • Garnishee proceedings $250
  • Review of Registrars Decision $250
  • Contempt of enforcement proceedings $200 (creditor service) $250 (bailiff service)
  • Lawyer fees $500 plus GST per hour

Cancellations/Reschedules/Lock Outs: We charge a 50% fee for cancellations/ reschedules/ Lock Outs when given less than 48 hours’ notice. If power or water is not available on the client’s property, we will cancel the job and charge a 50% fee for cancellation. 


SNAP Cleaning represents any websites, networks, embeddable widgets, downloadable software, mobile applications including tablet computer applications, messages such as emails that we may send you, and services, whether online or off-line, owned or operated by the Company Site with its current domain being www.snapcleaning.co.nz which may be subjected to modification or otherwise replacement at any time. It includes all information, text, images, and other materials and content appearing on or incorporated into the website.

SNAP Cleaning Services Limited is pleased to make its services, as described, available to clients on the following terms and conditions.

1.(a) Our estimated quote per job is available online on our booking form. This is our minimum price based on the size of the house and type of the service. If we take less time to complete the job, we will still charge you the estimated price available on our booking form..

(b) The number of SNAP cleaners attending the clients’ residence to perform cleaning services may vary, but this does not affect the initial quoted price.

(c) Cleaning Services will only be provided for the amount of time as per our estimated hours on our online booking form. If we need more time to complete the job, there will be additional charge apply. Our price is $35 per hour plus GST for each additional hour for regular cleaning.

(d) The time allocated for a cleaning service is the estimated time required for a typical job of the same general specification indicated in a standard dwelling of a similar size shown in the pricing to be completed, but SNAP Cleaning makes no guarantee that the time allocated for the cleaning service will be sufficient for the job to be completed. The actual cleaning time will depend on factors such as the current condition of residence, number of rooms, bathrooms, WCs, shower rooms, and ensuites,etc.

  1. Our online quote by SNAP Cleaning is an estimate only based on our experience, without inspection, and based on the Customer’s information provided while filling up the form, phone call or emails. If a client has purchased SNAP Cleaning’s Move-in, construction Clean and End of Tenancy Clean Services, the quoted prices are based on the assumption that the residence is in a reasonable state and services can readily be provided. If at the commencement or during the course of providing the Service, it is apparent that the actual cost of the Service will exceed the hours calculated provided by SNAP Cleaning, it’s representative will provide the Customer with the option to pay an increased fee to complete the Service, or pay the quoted amount without the Service being completed.

2(a) If the office staff is unable to contact the Customer, the Service will end at the pre-stated time advised in the estimate given at the time of booking or we reserve the right not to provide the Services, in which case we will provide the client with a refund minus $50 deducted for travel expenses and other expenses incurred.

  1. SNAP Cleaning hourly cleans, Move in, and End of Tenancy Cleans does not include extras such as carpet and upholstery steam cleaning, stripping and polishing floors, washing up dishes, taking more than 5 items out of cupboards and then putting them back in, dusting books, cleaning walls/ceilings, cleaning balconies/terraces, cleaning patios/gardens. Any extra services are priced separately and need to be requested in writing at least 1 day prior to the cleaning date.
  1. The client agrees to provide a list of tasks to be completed for those other than the tasks on the general specification or Other Services. The client should understand that the quoted price does not include anything apart from labour and equipment to complete the indicated tasks.
  1. SNAP Cleaning will provide all cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment necessary to carry out our cleaning services unless contrary arrangements have been made between the client and us.
  1. Running water, electricity, and sufficient lighting must be provided by the client at the resident where the cleaning service takes place. We reserve the right to discontinue if these amenities are not provided.
  1. On health and safety grounds, SNAP Cleaning workers are under no obligation to clean vomit, blood, excretion, or any other body spillages. A special price for such Cleaning will be quoted on demand.
  1. SNAP Cleaning reserves the right not to continue with the job if, on inspection, it is found that the material to be cleaned or treated is not suitable for Cleaning or treatment. We also reserve the right to suspend our services if there is interference in the work from the client or any other person. No refund will be provided if this clause applies.


  1. Following the understanding and agreement of our terms and conditions, the client, therefore, acknowledges that he/she/they is/are solely liable for: 

(a) Ensuring that we have unimpeded access to the Premises to perform our Services on the agreed date. 
(b) Instructions regarding the activation or deactivation of any alarm systems. 
(c) Ensuring that any pet(s) at the residence is/are adequately restrained while our services are being affected. 
(d) Providing SNAP Cleaning with full detail of what areas you want to be cleaned.
(e) Informing SNAP Cleaning of any areas which are not to be cleaned or require special cleaning instructions. 

SNAP Cleaning reserves the right not to provide the services on the agreed date if we are unable to reasonably access the resident for any reason whatsoever, including reasons due to clauses (a), (b), and (c) not being complied with. No refund will be provided if this clause applies. 

  1. If the client wishes to cancel our cleaning Services, we must be immediately notified either in writing or by email. The client should note that there would be no refunds for any cancellations made within 24 hours before the scheduled start of the Services. 
  1. All future orders for Services must be made via the website. SNAP Cleaning services cannot be ordered directly from our Cleaners. If any of our cleaning personnel accept orders directly from a client, it may result in the termination of their contract with SNAP Cleaning and the loss of fees paid or payable to the personnel. 
  1. You agree not to request additional Services from our Cleaners while they are performing the Services for you without our prior approval. 



SNAP Cleaning will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage, including without limitation; economic loss, loss of profits or savings (or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage), however, caused, arising out of or in connection with the supply of services or for any inability to provide the Services or to continue to provide the Services, including without limitation as a result of the following: 

(a) Fair wear and tear to the resident arising from the normal provision of our cleaning services 
(b) Unavailability of electricity and water or insufficient lighting 
(c) Interference by a third party 
(d) Inability to access the Premises due to not being provided with the correct keys and/or alarm codes or for some other reason beyond our Cleaners control 
(e) delays or termination of the Services due to any circumstances outside our control, including as a result of weather conditions, traffic congestion, delay or cessation in the supply of materials we require to complete the Services, strikes, lockouts, war or violence, or any other such uncontrollable events. 
(f) incorrect information supplied by the client or client’s failure to comply with our Instructions. 

Our liability in respect of all claims for loss, damage, or injury arising from a breach of our obligations under these Terms or any act or omission by us is limited in each case to the lesser of: 

(a) resupply of the Services. 
(b) payment of the reasonable cost of supplying the Services. 
(c) the price of the affected Services. 

 All claims must be made in writing and are subject to verification or acceptance by us. No claim for any loss, damage, or injury arising out of the supply of our goods or services may be brought 48 hours after our cleaning services have been rendered. 


All statutory warranties, express or implied by SNAP Cleaning, including without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose, are expressly excluded (to the extent permitted by law). 


You agree that any information you provided to SNAP Cleaning may be used by us for any purposes connected with our business, including but not limited to marketing and promotional purposes. You have a certain right of access to your personal information under the Privacy Act 1993. 


You(client) consent to SNAP Cleaning sending you commercial emails from time to time. The email address for unsubscribing to commercial emails is support@snapcleaning.co.nz

What Customers say about us

  • Great work by the team! My landlord was really impressed! Wouldnt hesitate to hire again and really accomodating after I had to change the date of the clean at the last mintue!

    Daniel Taumihau Avatar Daniel Taumihau
    August 30, 2022

    Thank you for a great job done. Definitely will use your services in the future.

    Shehama Cader Avatar Shehama Cader
    August 30, 2022

    Super prompt reply to my enquiry and I was able to schedule in a clean really quickly. I was really happy with the quality of the clean, the house looks great.

    Georgina Hutt Avatar Georgina Hutt
    August 6, 2022
  • Great Service & did a great spot cleaning my couch...Highly recommend and would use them again for sure

    Robina Siteine Avatar Robina Siteine
    August 6, 2022

    Great cleaning company, I have used them twice now. Kiran is very helpful and flexible when need be. Both cleans were absolutely up to standard and I would recommend them to anyone

    Kirsty Bowerman Avatar Kirsty Bowerman
    July 6, 2022

    My elderly Mum was very pleased with her first time clean and looks forward to having this done fortnightly as do I for my peace of mind. It was such a relief to finally find a company with an excellent rating that could come at fairly short notice as well as promising a regular service given all the upheaval caused by the last COVID lock down; which included my Mums retirement village being a no go for family and any kind of non urgent visitations for so long!! So many thanks again Snap!

    Jean Templeton Avatar Jean Templeton
    July 6, 2022
  • Used them for carpet cleaning, good price and good job!

    P K F Avatar P K F
    July 6, 2022


    Rachel Rogers-Moloney Avatar Rachel Rogers-Moloney
    July 6, 2022

    Upon reading positive reviews for this company I decided to give them a go after our thorough and trusty regular cleaner of 2 years relocated this year. Although the quote (and payment) process was quick, what followed was a lack of communication and a really average job done. Leading up to the day of the clean, there was no confirmation of the appointment until prompted, and the cleaner turned up to the property without any access instructions given by HO. The clean itself was extremely rushed, notably with surfaces completely uncleaned and/or vacuumed, dirty water marks on 80% of the hard flooring, and most of the shower/bath soap scrum unattended. Although a 25% discount was proposed after a complaint, they then informed me last minute (less than 12 hours before the next clean) that the cleaner organised could no longer come and proceeded to suggest other companies to engage instead. This communication only happened, again, after being reminded and prompted by us. Have had really great relationships with other providers over the years but snap has certainly lived up to their names in terms of a broken experience.

    Ray Chan Avatar Ray Chan
    July 6, 2022
  • responsive, speedy, on time and efficient service. Highly recommend to people who need a move in or move out cleaning!

    lau wing Avatar lau wing
    July 6, 2022

    Offers carpet cleaning too.

    Jayshree Dastracey Avatar Jayshree Dastracey
    April 6, 2022

    Great service, very responsive and organsied clean on Sunday for next day clean. Helpeful and easy, very cost effective too.

    William Blaschke Avatar William Blaschke
    March 6, 2022
  • Our cleaner Shrain did an extraordinary job of cleaning our house on moving day. She vacuumed and shampooed all the carpets, meticulously cleaned the oven, fridge, kitchen and bathroom cupboards, windows, bathrooms, floors and spot marks off the walls. She arrived at short notice on a Friday afternoon and didn't stop until she had finished in the evening. The service was not cheap but worth every cent in terms of the peace of mind it gave us being able to hand our property over to the new owners in immaculate condition. We would highly recommend her and Snap Cleaning for going above and beyond the call of duty!

    Tim Feather Avatar Tim Feather
    February 6, 2022

    Very quick, smart and professional service. Easy to communicate with and they do everything they say they do. Would highly recommend.

    Natalie Sellers Avatar Natalie Sellers
    February 6, 2022

    Chance the cleaning lady did a fantastic job. Very professional. Thank you.

    Greg McQuillan Avatar Greg McQuillan
    February 6, 2022
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